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Internationale incubator voor creatief
ondernemerschap in Europese,
landelijke gebieden


Number of jobs created: 5
Project in operation: since 2011
Sector: accessories and personalized elements for cars


By positioning his products in a market which was previously occupied only by major brands, our entrepreneur’s main objective was to create a world benchmark brand in a sector which has very little impact at a national level. Without the backing of a well-known brand, it is difficult to break into such a closed market, so our entrepreneur’s aim was for his products to be more highly valued than those of his competitors.


Our entrepreneur is a clear example of bravery in business enterprise - he started off from a situation of total inexperience in the field of exportation and without any type of external funding. For 6 years he undertook the business with no more than the hope that profits would come if he were able to create a quality product.


Nowadays, thanks to David’s efforts, Karbonius products are very highly regarded in specialist forums. Despite still not being as renowned as the bigger brands of the sector, his sales have grown considerably and he is starting to make himself a niche in the closed market of car accessories. His products have a growing reputation for their high quality finishes, their superior resistance and a much more extensive guarantee than bigger brands.


At first, lack of experience in not only administrative procedures and business management but also in the export sector were the biggest handicaps faced by our entrepreneur. Bearing in mind that at that time there was much less information available online, David’s only means of ensuring he was up to date in all these areas was to teach himself. On top of this problem, our entrepreneur had to start up an export business in a rural area in which the telecommunications infrastructures were frequently not ideal.
These problems were resolved by means of continued effort and ongoing passion for his project; by carrying out his own research in the sector and working hard, with time he managed to overcome these difficulties. Moreover, his work has been facilitated by considerable improvements in the quality of communications in the rural area he currently operates from.


His advice when starting an enterprise is not to be put off by lack of experience in entrepreneurship; if you are enthusiastic about your project, everything you need to carry it forward can be learned.


Concello de Vedra
Avda. Mestre Manuel Gómez Lorenzo Nº1
15885 Vedra, A Coruña (Spanje) 


Email: info@concellodevedra.com
Telefoon: +34 981 81 46 12